Thermal springs

Eleftheres Spa, 43 km before Kavala at the na­tional rood Thessaloniki – Kavala. The abundant mineral waters that spring in the area were used since the roman times. A vault­ed Byzantine bath is saved in a relatively good condition. Therapeutic indications: rheumatisms, arthritis, diseases of the urinary canal, liver, bile ducts. A hydrotherapy clinic operates with group and pri­vate baths, hostels and restaurant. Information: Tel. 2594051294 Krinides Mud Baths, 18 km from Kavala, on the road to Drama. Mud and thermal spring. The magnificent prop­erties of mud are known in the area at least from the end of the previous century, as evidenced by the existence of an old building saved near the baths. Therapeutic indications: rheumatopathy, gyne­cological diseases, skin diseases, use as a cos­metic preparation. Uric arthritis, nephrolithia-sis, eczema, skin inflammations, dermatopathy Mud therapy clinic, Information: Tel. 2510 516162, 518088,


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