European Programmes

The aim is the continuous expansion of knowledge though constant communication and the expediting of European Programmes. Since the beginning of DIMOFELIA until now, we have managed to have such an amount of knowledge so that we can set long-term goals. We have accomplished making new contasts though our cooperation with big and well known companies and organisations. These contacts, through applied research, result in the experience that delivers tangible and practical results for our customers. Our staff gains experience on a daily basis and acts vigorously finding new solutions and ways to solve any problems that might arise. The requirements and needs of every programme are high and each time different. The strength and the breadth of our programmes give successful results to our customers too.

We don’t just make promises, we express our character and the style of our business.

What European Programmes are

It’s a set of development and research incentives given by the European Union and the Greek government to organisations and businessess. The incentives can have many and different forms, such as tax exemptions, subsidies etc. These programmes are divided into two levels with regard to management:

1.      Programmes by which organisations and businessess are directly subsidized by the European Union. They primarily have research objectives and they are targeted towards highly specialised organisations and businessess which have the capability of producing applied research.

2.      Programmes in which organisations and businessess are subsidized through national governements (e.g. the 3rd Community Support Framework). They are programmes, which have a developmental character, providing motives to a wide range of businesses and organisations to expand to new markets, new processes. These programmes give the possibility of rational development through organised business plans with all the dusiness plans calculated.

What the European Programmes offer

With our involvement in European Programmes, we aim at:

1.      The financial development of the organisations and businesses though the integration of applied reasearch in their everyday activities.

2.      The strategically studied spread of technology in the whole spectrum of an organisation’s body of work.

3.      Ensuring the succesful integration of manpower in the labour market.

European programmes motivate the development of knowledge and skills in selected sectors and markets. They also give a central role in specific groups of people so that they participate actively in these programmes, giving them the chance to integrate in the employment society. Groups such as young people,, the unemployed, women, the disabled, foreigners etc., have the chance through enhanced training to develop such prospects so that they can be valuable and sought after in the labour market. In that way the contribution to combating unemployment is substantial. Thus, the local market is strengthened as well as its knowledge and habits.


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