Filippi – Thassos Festival (July – September)

A renowned festival with over 50 years of creation, organised by the Municipality of Kavala in cooperation with the municipality of Philippi. It hosts performances of ancient and modern plays, classical dance and concerts.

Organised by the municipality of Thassos and hosts performances of ancient plays, traditional dances from local cultural societies and concerts.


Sun and Stone (July)

International festival of traditional dances taking place in Akontisma (traditional village) in Nea Karvali as well as in other parts of Kavala. An opportunity for brotherhood and exchange of ideas and culture as they are expressed through music and dancing.


COSMOPOLIS International Festival (July)

Cosmopolis is an event organised by the Municipality of Kavala and was first held in 2000. It is a multi-dimensional festival which attracts thousands of visitors of all ages to the city of Kavala, giving prominence to its cultural imprint not only in Greece, but also in the surrounding area. It is a celebration of music, arts, aquaintanship, mutual respect and participation with a shared vision to bring people closer, promoting the basic principle of human individuality. The festival lasts from May to December giving, that way, space to all kinds of music as well as to other forms of creative art. During its presence to date, it has hosted very important, both well-known, and young artists from all over the world and among them some of the greatest names of Greek and international music stage.


G. Papaioannou Festival (July)

The municipality of Kavala in collaboration with the municipal conservatoire organises a music festival, where great artists, Greek and non-Greek, awaken various feelings to all those who attend with their music.


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