Folkloric Events

Sayia in Nea Karvali (January 5)

The residents of Nea Karvali start a fire at the square of the village to send away the goblins. They dance and sing around it, wishing for a good year. When the fire starts to die down a bit, the children start to jump over it three times. All the attendants are treated to cognac and “hosafi” which is a traditional Kapadokian dish.

“Negros” in Nikisiani (January 7)

At the beginning of the each new year, savage “negros” roam the streets of the village in groups, wearing bells so that they scare away the evil spirits. On Januray the 7th, there is a parade with all the groups participating.

Pontiac wedding in Zigos (St. Thomas Sunday)

A very old tradition which has not been altered by time since it’s rooted in the souls of Pontics and revived every year in Zigos. A representation of a Pontiac wedding takes place which symbolises the beginning of life and Spring. Dance and musical groups provide their own trditional style to the wedding while the guests savour the Pontiac dish “keskek” and give blessings to the newlyweds.

Potato Feast in Lekani (September)

Feast in the mountainous village of Lekani with local dishes based on potato.

Chestnut feast in Paleohori (October)

A two-day event in Paleohori of Paggaio with traditional dances and songs, abundant wine and tens of kilos of chestnuts boiled and roasted given to those present.

Tsipouro feast in Nea Peramo (October)

Abundant tsipouro and wine is offered each year to the visitors of Nea Peramos. At the same time, grilled sardines, octopus, olives pickles and other delicacies complete the ,picture. Apart from all the dishes and the liquor there is also traditional dancing and live music.

Folkloric Events In Thassos

“Rain, oh my April” (Easter in Kalyvia of Limenaria)

All the locals gather to ask God to rain so as to not affect the production of grapes and that of the sweet wine of Thassos. Duting the event, attendees are offered local delicacies, Thassian wine and desserts.

Carnival in Panagia – Potamia – Maries – Rahoni – Limenaria

The celebration of the carnival is one of the most entertaining customs of the island and it includes a parade of wagons and various musical and dancing events.

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