Port of Kavala

Port of Kavala

The port of Kavala played a major role in the evolution and the development of the city from ancient times until now. It was built by the Thasians at the end of the 7th century B.C.and kept open the way to Aegean and the coast of Asia Minor. Through here, the Apostle Paul arrived in Kavala and started to spread christianity throughout Europe.

In the 16th century export trading of local agricultural products (wheat, cotton, etc.) begins to flourish. Apart from that though, the port also plays a major role as a centre for fishing and tobacco.

Starting in 1920 and completed in 1950 some works on the port take place, as well as the creation of the new coast of Kavala.

The port today

The land area of the harbour is the focal point for recreational, commercial, business and tourist activity. Since October 2002 the port is not used commercially. Instead, the “Filippos B” port in N. Karvali is used for that reason.

Today, the central port of Kavala serves:

1.           The fishing fleet

2.           Tourism

3.           The passengers from and to Thassos, Limnos, Mitilini and Samothrace

4.          Water Sports

Over the last years the port of Kavala is changing, making considerable efforts to serve as the main gateway to the Balkans in the Mediterranena.

Port Authority of Kavala:

Tel: 2510 – 223716

For more information visit: www.portkavala.gr

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