Composition – Managing Board

A. Regularly States:

1. President: Iosifidou Anastasia
2.  Vice President: Tzatzaris Theodoros
3. Town Councillor: Mouriades Theodoros
4. Town Councillor: Dalakoudi – Miliati Pasxalia
5. Member: Papadopoulos Ilias
6.  Member: Poursaitides Ioannis
7.  Member: Stamatiadou Athina
8.  Member: Kotsi Areti
9.  Member: Moutlias Ioannis
10. Representative of the Commercial Association of Kavala: Papaioannou Christoforos
11. Representative of the Employees: Sxoina Artemis


B. Alternate Members:

  1. Town Councillor: Frantzeskaki Maria
  2. Town Councillor: Tsouroukidis Anastasios
  3. Member: Kapetanios Konstantinos
  4. Member: Kapantai Maria
  5. Member: Leontiadis Charalampos
  6. Member: Mantas Charalampos
  7. Member: Georgiadou Sofia
  8. Memberr: Karavelidou Despina
  9. Member: Gkioulos Alexandros
  10. Kelgiorgis Ioannis
  11. 10. Chatzispasou Ioanna

With the constitution of the new enterprise there is now substantial room for improvement through the saving of administrative services.

Dimofelia is run by a Board of Directors which is comprised by eleven members allocated, along with the deputy members, by the town council.

From these members, at least two are elective representatives of the Municipality, one of which comes from the minority. Elective representatives of the Municipality that are part of the Board of Directors of the enterprise, could be the Mayor as well as members of the Town Council (Town Councillors).

In the Board of Directors, a representative of the personnel of the enterprise, if it employs more than twenty people, and a representative of social institution of the area, have to take part as well. The rest of the members are citizens of the Municipality of Kavala which are experienced and knowledgeable on the the object of the enterprise.

The principles of the under formation enterprise warrant so that the Board of Directors consists of members with the above status.

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